Monday, June 8, 2015

Caspian Turns Six!

We took a whole day to celebrate Caspian's birthday.

The girls hit the kitchen first thing to bake Caspian's birthday cake.

The pancakes came next, and Caspian went racing back to bed so he could have breakfast in bed, just like I did on my birthday.  He was not allowed maple syrup, something uncle william was very quick to point out.   

He was excited every second of the day.

His sister decided that unlike last year, she was going to support her brother and be excited for him. There were a few moments when she needed to take some time and vent, in this case with a squirt gun on the french doors, but she didn't shed a tear all day.

After a leisurely morning around the farm, we packed up and headed to Oxford.  Grandfather Frank was in town for the week, and made a handy cushion.  (We're testing fate with this four seater car.)

A little lunch.

And then we walked around the corner to the pet store, where Caspian got to pick out his very own Beta fish.  And the bowl and shiny rocks and plant etc. to go with it.  Here he's holding an impromptu purchase of mine, $6 worth of goldfish that we dumped into the pond to see what happens.

We toodled back home, and the kids opened presents.  A couple loving aunts included presents for Annaliese in their packages.

(That fish t-shirt was a morning present we gave him before heading off to buy his fish.  The day was more than a little fish-themed.)

And then... we packed up the picnic dinner, the grill, and the cake, and headed to the pool for the boy's official birthday party.  

Where he was spoiled yet again.  

We made it home before dark, and after milking and farm chores, I got a little cuddle time with the big sister while the sun set.  

*sigh*  I don't think we could be more present as our kids grow, and yet it still feels like we can't get enough, and will miss this time.

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