Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June Part II

Despite an obnoxious amount of roadwork between here and the camp, the kids made it to camp on time every day for a week.

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Between the pool, nature walks, canoeing, a horde of yard games...

And this Gagaball game, (dodgeball in a confined arena,) the kids had a great time.  There has been much discussion of an overnight camp for next year.  They would probably be fine, I'm not sure Alexe or I would be.

We had our new neighbors over for dinner, and I took the kids on a trek down the secret path through the woods that connects our houses.

Caspian getting ready to set the table.  He's meticulous.

On a busy Saturday morning, we had a couple extra blond heads over for pancakes while their parents were working.

Miss Dixie picked Caspian up at the farmer's market later that morning for their Birthday lunch date, and Annaliese and I took off for a father/daughter day.

It started with a quick visit to the BTC to see Alexe.

Then we did a repeat of the trip I took with Caspian out to the lake.  A stop at the country store for bbq and rolos...

Followed by a walk along the lake.

Except Annaliese is a little fish, and couldn't stay out of the water.

When we got back to town, we found a baseball tournament was going on, and the BTC was swamped.

Various things happened for the rest of the day, some of it centered around the departure of a tenant in the Blue house, who was moving out mid-month, to make room for new tenants that were arriving from Virginia the next day.

Which meant Sunday was a day spent scrubbing and conducting repairs on a rental property, always a fun way to spend time.  Broken faucets, missing smoke alarms, touch up paint.  BUT, we did get to pick all the apples from one of the apple trees in the orchard.  These fruit trees were mere sticks when Alexe planted them six years ago.  We walked away with a decent bushel of lovely tart apples, leaving the peach-covered tree for another day.

Later that evening we ended up at a neighborhood gathering, where some (both) of us partook of some local moonshine.

To the store to do paperwork, and I managed to extract Caspian's last front tooth.  That makes 7 he has lost, 3 more than his big sister.

We made it home a few minutes after g.sharon arrived form the airport, and after a garden tour by flashlight, the kids settled down and went to bed.

The next morning after farm chores the kids and I processed the homegrown apples into applesauce...

And some very tart cider.

While Alexe was off hunting and gathering along the Mississippi back roads.

We gathered for lunch.  

The next morning Alexe and I had an early appointment for a tooth extraction, and after I brought a woozy Alexe home and tucked her in bed, I went out to chip away on my "must do before leaving home for 3 weeks" list.  Checked off new tires and an oil change for the truck.

The kids playing their own version of run-around-tickle-game.  These two are best friends.  With all the good times, and bickering, that entails.  I hope it lasts.

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