Sunday, June 7, 2015


The Pine Valley Music and Arts festival.

Arts and crafts for the kids, arts and crafts for the adults, two stages, and a few visiting politicians who gave stump speeches, and many more who plastered all the cars parked in the field with their self-promoting, grammatically challenged placards.

The kids kept coming back from various art stations with their interpretation of Daleks.

Annaliese's friends have finally moved to town; this young lady is one of four accomplished sisters.  They fence, they dance, they're self confident and like cupcakes.  

No festival is complete without a piping hot bouncy castle.

I've heard the eye is the hardest thing to capture as an artist.  

Caspian's buddy for the day.  Nicolas came to Water Valley from Montreal, via Harvard.  He teaches at the university in Oxford.  He's very patient with Caspian.

A failing ponytail, chocolate ice cream on the chin, and a couple more daleks.

Beef Turkey is doing well.  Considering how little milk we're getting from his mother, he's eating very well.

The puppies pointed this turtle out to me.

I love turtles.

Impromptu rain dance party.

Caspian's teeth all decided to jump ship at the same time.  He has now lost more teeth than Annaliese, which may be the best thing that has ever happened to him as a little brother.

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