Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June! Part 1 of...

We often end up sitting and catching up on the day after milking in the early evening.  Until Alexe gets chased inside by the mosquitoes, leaving me with a child or two for a few minutes.

I love the time. 

They do too.

On this evening both girls headed inside, so the boys decided to go for a walk to check on the latest section of cleared forest, and maybe see if the brush piles were dry enough to catch fire.

So nice to be able to see into the woods.

After many failed attempts to start a fire, we stacked some wood, and then built a secret fort for Caspian's new dinosaur collection.  I suppose it's less secret now.

This is my children being introduced to Seinfeld.  They first met him through Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee; it's fun to go back and show them a younger, and very different, version.

I'm not ready for this.

Monday morning, the first day of Camp!  Threats and coercion were necessary to get a smile out of Annaliese while we waited in line to complete registration.  Caspian was all smiles.

They each had a quick physical.

Caspian ran away as soon as his was over, and Annaliese rocketed off as quickly as she could.  The nice lady here said, "those two are so independent!"  yup.  I chased each down for a hug goodbye.

I spent a day in Oxford, catching up on computer related things, (knocked out several catch-up posts here,) paperwork and curriculum design for the upcoming project, and had a working lunch with a friend.  

When I came back at 4 the kids made no move to come with me.  Caspian was happily chattering to two of his counsellors...

And Annaliese was sitting with one of hers, discussing how she wanted to stay all summer, and didn't want to go home with me.

Look at those faces.  They speak volumes about these kids' personalities.

Five minutes on the road, and the back seat went quiet. So far I think camp is a success.

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