Friday, April 15, 2016

February 2016 Part 3

Sunday morning, literally first light, the kids were dressed and gearing up to ride their new bikes.

Some time later, Annaliese drawing on the bottom of my foot, Caspian reading us both a story.

Alexe made it home safely, and life returned to normal.  Alexe's solo jet-setting is wrapped up for the time being. Caspian and I went on a walk while Alexe and Annaliese went to work at the BTC.

Annaliese's poster for the Doctor Seuss week at school.  Many parents throughout the week, (including Alexe and me,) went to the school and read to students.

A walk with my jet setting wife on a Wednesday evening.  Our little town is really popping lately. Mother Nature's additions don't hurt.

The Come as you Aren't local fundraiser happened.  I popped in to goodwill to get us costumes.  We went as retirees who enjoy golfing.

Annaliese trying on parts of her mother's costume.

Playing school on the weekend.

A mostly picked up, organized, and far more open and spacious workshop.

For all the animals that live on the farm, at some point Caspian will pick you up and find you fascinating.  

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