Friday, April 15, 2016

March 2016 Part 2

A month with many family visits. 

First came Grandfather Frank and a.Eliza.

We went to Mr. Turnage's birthday party on a Saturday evening.  Alexe, a.Eliza, and g.Frank left around 9, and the kids and I stayed another hour.  When I went to round the kids up, Caspian ran back to the kitchen to retrieve this massive cracker/cheese/pepperoni stack he had made and stashed earlier.

With everyone piled into the kitchen playing cards and enjoying a fire, I headed out to the back pasture to clean up some of the islands of overgrowth that are left.  g.Frank joined me, and I put a chainsaw in his hands and enjoyed seeing him drop a few trees.

I think both kids enjoyed being tucked in each night by a.Eliza.

Base Camp update: Everything is moving along quite nicely, on schedule for classes to start June 1.  We've been setting up the classroom, and these training tables were a hassle to get, but look great.  

Nanny and Penny both gave birth to twins.

Bike riding is still the rage around here.

Alexe's hoop house experiment is going well.  She is currently selling freshly harvested spinach at the store, and you've never seen a young lady more proud of herself. I'm proud of her too.

Brewery!  It's handy being just a few blocks from the house.

Easter morning.  I took a little shopping trip while Alexe was at work and g.Sharon was in town to keep the kids.  It's not easy finding outfits for a little princess that don't try to make her look like she's 16.  Couldn't resist the matching hat. She may be growing like a weed, but...

Caspian in his new slacks and bow tie. (The bow tie has fish on it.)

My girl.  Coming up on 11 years, or 64 if you ask Alexe.

Chilling with their grandmother.

The girls went to the Ole Miss Museum to see an exhibit on quilting.  Caspian and I saw a trail head and started marching through the woods. We ended up, after some wandering, at Rowan Oak, Faulkner's house.

Caspian was very chatty with me, and everyone else we passed on the walk.  

When we got to the house grounds, he turned into a little Ferdinand.

We finished out the evening with bowling, a treat from Nonni.

And some time later, we were home, and gardens were getting planted.  My how time is flying.

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