Friday, April 15, 2016

March 2016, Part 1

The weeks have been busy, so we're jumping from weekend to weekend.  Another lovely Spring Sunday, with Alexe playing in her garden, the kids and I headed up into the woods to build an all-natural tree-fort.

The three hardest polls to put up.

A little break from some home-ER work.  This young man was using his new pruning saw, (thank you u.c.Nick,) and managed to slash across the back of his hand.  It was traumatic and bloody, but once he calmed down and we took the tourniquet off after carrying him down from the woods, it cleaned up nicely and we applied a super-glue repair.  (A technique learned after taking the kids in for stitches in the past, and watching a doctor simply apply glue.)  

The patient took a half hour break, and then rejoined us in the woods to finish up the fort. 

Lower deck complete.

It's kind of cute.  We may add a second level at some point.

Again in honor of Dr. Seuss, some green eggs and ham.

Caspian postponing bed time with adorable block formations.

Base Camp Coding Academy is moving right along.  I had a Saturday meeting with an impressive gentleman working on expanding STEM offerings in the ROTC programs across the South East region.  He brought along his kids, and these four roared around the upstairs of the BTC while Ben and I tried to have a video conference with the West coast in my office.

With spring comes open doors.

Saint Patrick's day.  

"Helping" me as we prepped an apartment between tenants.

Reading on the lawn on a sunny afternoon.

Nanny, ready to burst.

The brewery moved their tasting room to the larger side of their facility.  Over 300 folks were here on a Friday night. I don't think this town has seen a crowd of that size for many years.

Our favorite part of the brewery: the family-friendly atmosphere.

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