Friday, April 15, 2016

February 2016 Part 1

Alexe and Caspian packed their bags and headed to Birmingham to visit the newest addition to Stinkie's family.  Caspian was very methodical in his packing.

This meant a weekend home alone with Annaliese.  We started a major cleaning of the workshop, including ripping out the interior walls.

This is the coolest game: learning about electricity, motors, resistors, switches, with a thousand different quick projects.

The next morning we were back in the workshop.  Annaliese was less excited about the project, but wanted to be nearby.  

With the tear out complete, we opened up the partial paint cans and started using them up.

Much cleaning and organizing left to do, but the colors certainly add a little something.  

We cleaned up and headed over to a brunch party down the street.

And toodled around the rest of the day, waiting for Alexe and Caspian to come home.  The kids are not apart very often, and it was adorable how often Annaliese missed her little brother. We had no idea how much she relies on him for: he goes into dark rooms and turns lights on for her, keeps her company in all sorts of activities, and is generally someone she takes for granted. We talked more than once about how it might be nice if she shared some of these positive emotions with him instead of her current horrendous big sister approach.  When he came home she was nice for almost 2 days before reverting.

Alexe, home and not jetting to work.

Annaliese's gifted class held a tower building competition.

She didn't seem to feel very connected to her tower, apparently her team members were as bossy as she is, and so she focused on the signage.  Note the bottom right hand corner of their sign, "By Annaliese".

The kids being slightly less helpful during a hotel-prepping session.  These two puppies...

Mid-afternoon nap.

We made an evening of going to see an Austrian choir at the Ford Center in Oxford.  Starting with dinner out.

Followed by an excellent concert.  

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