Thursday, July 7, 2016

Caspian Turns 7!

So big.  So fast.  

One of the many traits Annaliese and Caspian have inherited from their mother is an enthusiasm for their birthdays.  They start talking about their birthdays a good month or two in advance, plan and re-plan their parties, and talk endlessly about their cake and dinner choices.  You know, just like Alexe.

Each year Alexe makes their dreams come true.  First with a cake, made by her to order.  

Caspian picked a pool party this year.

Older, wiser, and a much better host.

His sister was also older, wiser, and better playing second position for the day.  

A family party at home, a friends party at the pool, and presents arriving in the mail for days before and after his birthday.  I think the event was appropriately celebrated.

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