Thursday, July 7, 2016

May Part 1

The last two pigs went to the butcher, both to restock the BTC freezers, and to allow me to take the fencing around their paddock down.  The earth moving machined needed to move freely through that section of the valley while working on the new pond, so until that project is complete we were pig free.

I had the butcher save me the fat, and brought it home to render it into lard.

12 hours of cutting into cubes and slowly cooking down, we have a lifetime supply of lard.  The biscuits have been delicious so far, going to try this in the waffles and pancakes next.

A new baby goat, Tuppence.

The kids left their blocks on the picnic table.  Alexe and I might have wandered out and started a tower building competition with each other.

Ah the start of blueberry season.


There was a 5k in town the other weekend that ended in color bombs.  The kids came home and started grinding up their sidewalk chalk to make powder, to then throw at each other  They literally spent hours rubbing chalk on the stones to make powder.  


Base Camp classroom coming together.

Red balloons released at the Methodist Church.

And some were smuggled home by the kids.

Ummmm, so we also sent a bull to the butcher. Most of him is in the freezer, his head is curing in a tree, (to be mounted on the front of the new barn,) and I took a swing at curing his hide.  Scraping, followed by a long salting.

Prepping dinner.

Story time.

Alexe is very pleased with this climbing rose bush.  She has so many long-term gardening plans, one of which includes rose bushed covering this entire porch.  

Visiting the children's book store in Oxford.

We also stopped in at the big book store.  The kids know their way around.

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