Thursday, July 7, 2016

May Part 2

Busy times.  Early on a Saturday morning, hitting up a friend's yard sale to get their couch for the lobby of Base Camp before swinging home to get the kids and grab the cage...

Quickly build a temporary holding pen...

Then run an hour north to pick up a breeding pair of our newest pig breed, Red Wattles.  Heritage breed etc., with funny little wattles.  We also felt like we were rescuing them from this place.

The larger paddock won't be ready for these two until the pond is finished and I can reset the posts and pull new wire, but for the time being they seemed happy to have a quiet place without a million giant pigs stepping on them.  They slept for days.

And then popped up and started enjoying a diet with a little more color.

Some folks we know are selling everything and moving back to New England from Taylor MS.  We stopped in to peek around; they built a very cool spot.  

That's my daughter.

What a childhood.

This is an exciting moment.  There are so many things I can't wait for them to read.

Dissecting a beef heart.

Door signage for Base Camp, designed by Jav.

Needed something to show off the sponsors who are funding Base Camp.  Had some mahogany lying around the shop. 

Very thankful to this group of companies and people for making Base Camp happen.  

The kids like to observe feeding time from an elevated spot.

Awards ceremony at the elementary school.  They're both rock stars.

Pool renovations at the country club are finished.  It looks great.

This champ cracked one of his baby molars.  But he found a new book in the waiting room.

The board of Base Camp, and our Technical Director, enjoying a celebratory meal after the successful open house.  Classes begin on June 1.

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