Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Barn to Desk

Making Alexe new store shelves put me in the mood to build myself a desk.  

This had been stewing for a while, and the piles of old barn oak were calling.

Other than a few more blades for the planer, everything needed for the desk was already there.

The design is simple, feels light, and yet the wood is extremely heavy. 

There are no fasteners of any kind, and the base and desk-top fit together and are held in place by gravity/weight.

Because my office floors are not especially level, I added adjustable feet, which ended up raising the level of the desk by 1.5 inches.  I thought I could sneak by, but it's amazing how a little extra height can make you feel like a kid at the grown-up table, as opposed to a captain of industry ready to take over the world.  

I hoofed the lower section home for adjustments.  I'm tickled with the final product.

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