Wednesday, November 30, 2016

School comes early...

And then the summer was over, and it was back to the bus stop bright and early.

And yet, even with 7 hours each day with us all spread out doing our separate things, we still seem to find plenty of time to hang out.  This picture is from a series of selfies I found on my phone.

Our pond project may have caused this drought; it hasn't rained since we built the dam.

We are lucky to have many lizards on the farm.  They are loved by this boy.  

If he's inside, he's probably eating. (Annaliese hiding behind her brother.)

Still finding time in the evenings to pop over to the pool.  (Annaliese hiding under her feet.)

Piano!  The kids have been taking lessons for several months now.  Their progress was impeded by having nothing to practice on.  We found this one way out in the country for $80.

One of the last Farmer's Markets of the season.  This whole year, what with the very wet spring and completely dry summer, was very thin at the market.  

I imagine we were headed to church.

Taken very late at night, a Caspian sleep-avoidance project.

Ms. Dixie and Ms. Jaime got married!   

A lovely ceremony at the old school house in Pine Valley.  The first gay marriage in Water Valley.  A gathering of support and love for a lovely couple, with all the biases and negative energy that often surrounds freedom of love and expression sunk under the community's deep affection for these two people.  

A little swimming.  A little Blokus.  

Labor Day.  A trip north was not int he cards this year, but we had to find a lake to swim in on Labor Day.  Lake Pickwick.  

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