Wednesday, November 30, 2016

End of Summer

Driving home one evening, our neighbor had just parked this in front of his house.  Single owner, purchased new in '81, and look at that color.  I stopped to inquire, and Alexe and the kiddos saw me as they were driving by and pulled in.  There wasn't really any question; its so cute!  And though neither of us have ever played a game of golf in our lives, we have all sorts of uses for a garden/farm cart.

Saturday morning, Alexe's at work, Caspian was off on his birthday date with Ms. Dixie and Ms. Jamie, so Annaliese and I made donuts.

A strange component of the coding academy, periodic field trips.  This was en route to Jackson, MS for a tech conference.  Driving a van full of 18/19 year olds was not something I saw in my future.  

Friday nights at the brewery are pretty standard now.  The kids form a pack and race all over the place.

Most other evenings look like this:

Took the kids to an Amish auction in Pontotoc.  It was a long day, with a crowd that was paying for decorations as opposed to functional tools, so the prices were all high.

Caspian found a goat in the barn,  Annaliese found puppies in the stall next to the goat.  They spent a lot of time in those stalls.

In between coming to find me and asking for a little more money for the concession stand.

The traps on the left, and the cardboard boxes, are full of new chickens for Alexe.  The two chairs are for our upstairs porch.  The young Amish children were both shy and territorial.  It was an odd dynamic between the Amish and non children, with several conflicts I felt inclined to interfere in.

We may have impulse-bought the little goat.  Mr. Goat-er-ton.

The kids will do anything for a short turn driving the golf cart.  They're slowly earning the privilege of driving farther afield.  

Alexe's shirt is full of eggs. 

Summer-friend from New Jersey.

Hanging out.

Pool visits snuck in whenever we have time...

We popped in to this market to look around.  Minutes later Annaliese had put these shoes on and parked herself in this leopard print chair.  We had a chat about taste...

One of Caspian's things: Juicing lemons.  He loves to do it, with no real goal in mind beyond the process.

Meet the teacher night before school starts.

Prepping for school, the bleached out summer shag needed a trim.

Caspian is particularly concerned with his hair lately.  He has yet to be happy with a haircut until his mama comes home and makes a big deal out of how handsome he is...

Watermelon Carnival.  Caspian brought all his savings to this thing, and managed to spend it all in record time.  He went on every ride, and treated his sister to a few as well.

It used to be a question of whether they would make it to the top and ring the bell.  Now it's a matter of speed.

Blackwater Trio, playing at the brewery the night of the Carnival.  Alexe heads home early on carnival nights, as she is up early and working a BTC shift that is swamped with tourists.  That leaves me and the kids in town alone after dark.  We feel like party animals.

Second day of the carnival, unlike the previous night when an early rain shower cooled things off, Saturday was back to furnace temps.  We did our best to find things to do in the shade.  A visit to the Casey Jone museum, a walk through the car show, many visits to the BTC to say hi to a busy Alexe, and eventually retreating to the pool.

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