Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Soccer 2016

Soccer season is a social event, with a little organized sporting somewhere in the mix.  Two evenings a week, and if the kids' teams play at different times, it's 2.5 hours of hanging out with other parents, encouraging the kids to be as energetic on the field as they are for their chase-games during breaks.

Annaliese got more and more competitive over the course of the season.  After the first game, where she was largely disinterested, she was suddenly the fast girl who was always in the fray, often first to the ball, and never shy about stripping other players of the ball.  

Caspian is hyper-competitive, and probably should have been bumped up to the older team.  It wasn't a question of if he scored in each game, it was how many times, and if he was a good sportsman about it.

We either spent all night at the soccer fields, cheering the kids on together, or we could get home before 8 when the kids had games at the same time, but Alexe and I would have to each take a game to cheer on.  Sometimes we would switch at half time.

Which means I have lots of pictures of Caspian playing so that I could share them with Alexe, who was missing this game while she watched Annaliese.  

Caspian wore those blue shorts for every game.

The soccer seasons traditionally start when it's hot, and by the end of the season everyone is wearing sweaters.  Not so this year, with the never-ending hot and dry weather.

Sporty ladies.  Alexe may be one of those people who really gets into the games.  She and Annaliese go home and practice hip-checking.

Annaliese's last game of the season, wherein she scored a goal.

And then the season was over, we went out for pizza to celebrate, and two of our weekday evenings were suddenly available for family-hang-out time again.

Alexe is reading a pile of thank you letters from the elementary school children she teaches at her school garden.  More on that later.

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