Thursday, April 26, 2012

First coat of tung oil applied to the kitchen island, split 1/1 with spirits to get deep penetration with the first coat.  Looks pretty, eh? A few more coats in the next few days, add three weeks of drying time, and we'll see how it looks in the kitchen.  

I'm just calling this thing the chess table now.  Fully assembled, doweled and glued, drying.  It's going to go through the tung oil process as well.

Side note, this 150+ year old wood killed another random orb sander earlier this week.  I've been elbow-greasing it since, resulting in a much closer emotional bond between me and these pieces of furniture.

Walking home for lunch after french lessons.  That little boy has been looking pudgy recently, and eating non stop.  He can barely make it from third-breakfast to lunch without a snack.  Yesterday he took a 2.5 hour nap, and I had to drag him out of bed.  He stood up, and I swear he was an inch taller and looked gaunt.  He's growing faster than the grass.

Afternoon presents from Ms. Dixie, a bug book for Caspian, and plastic kitchen knives for Annaliese to use while helping Ms. Dixie in the BTC kitchen.  Many pictures taken, this is the only one where the book was covering the right parts to make this picture acceptable for posting.  They were swimming moments before.

Kiwi prep for dinner.  She's very focused and often helps with chopping, it's nice to be less worried about her fingers with these new knives. 

Alexe's garden in full bloom. Sunflowers in the background, starting in the foreground: parsley, carrots, oregano.

A few local musicians have started up a twice-a-week music event in the upstairs of an old barn.  Usually three acts, from 7 to 9:30 on weeknights.  We went for the first time, the kids made it through the first act, which was short, a young girl singing in a pop-star-country vein.  The second act, another young girl, was gifted.  Guitar skills, a relaxed, effortless and rich voice, and a good library of songs.  I heard most of those form outside while watching the kids play on the surrounding playground that is part of the venue.  Good time, all around.

Talented girl, can't remember her name...

View from outside.  Luckily the old barn didn't contain the music at all; it sounded just as good standing outside.

Nicely organized, with a self serve refreshment area, we enjoyed some hot tea and chocolate cake.

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