Friday, April 20, 2012


Wednesday evening a game of Simon Says down by the garden hit a wall when Simon said to do a headstand.  The kids were stumped, so with an audience, (A was sitting next to me,) I showed off my brilliant head stand. 

The four year old's reaction was to squeal in delight, race towards me, lower her shoulder like a linebacker at the last second, and bowl me over.

I tried to turn it into a front roll, but there was lots of loud cracking and popping from my neck-region.

The next morning I couldn't move.  

24 pleasant hours of reading and watching a beautiful day pass by the windows, with periodic stretching and hanging from a chin-up bar, I'm wandering around the house and yard with the kids, not moving my head too much, but certainly better than yesterday.

The juvenile impulse to show off, and the training of my daughter to wrestle at all opportunities, is a comforting sign that 3+ decades in, I'm retaining my youthful joie de vie.  On the other hand, my inability to do a summersault without crippling myself...

It's Friday, the kids guilted me into keeping them with me all day, (today is generally a school day,) and they're raising !*^%  around me.  

The day is gorgeous, the animals are fed and watered, and my pile of reading is steadily thinning.  

Some pictures, sourced from A's new iphone I believe. (My guess is she was trying to grab some audio books from my phone and tried syncing it with her computer...)

I wasn't part of this walk, but the turtle-finding song that was collaborated on during the walk has been echoing around the house ever since.


Walking the kids home after a play date. 

A and C playing with the new phone.  I think this was the first day she had it.

That girl has pretty eyes.

The last trip to the zoo, all pictures of which were lost when Annaliese reset my phone.

Annaliese and the 4 year old across the street are having a yelling conversation about favorite colors.

Annaliese reported hers as pink and purple, her brother's as blue and green.  I shit you not, the little girl across the street shouted her favorite color is camouflage. 

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D'nelle said...

ain't nothin' dunn't go with camouflage...

the only thing as patriotic as the ol' red white'n blue
is green and gray and black and brown and tan all over too