Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I have no idea what day of the week it is.

Well now I do, but for most of the day I've had a vague sense that it was probably Tuesday.

This picture shows a litte taste of how charmed our kids' lives are.  Notice their sandwiches are cut in the shape of butterflies.  Notice Caspian's sliced apples are arranged in a lovely pattern, and after his tray was set down in front of him by Ms. Dixie, she made sure the middle apple slice was standing straight up.  Notice Annaliese has TWO pickles, and a slice of swiss cheese.

These kids order their meals this way.  Before I even came downstairs, they were sitting in a booth, and the kitchen staff told me they had already placed their orders.  

I got some mowing in, and I'm fiddling with a new fence around the front section of the garden.  Not so sure about it, but we'll see.  Mowing is one of my favorite things, the most immediate gratification I get.  Look at how manicured and crisp that yard is!

We're boat-rich. Canoe trip planned for this weekend, and the other one is hooked up and ready for an adventure with the kids tomorrow.

Continuing my love affair with my boy, we had a boys morning yesterday, and he volunteered for a haircut.  He's pretty good for 3 minutes of these haircuts, and after that it's a combination of distracting him with conversation, promises of treats, and quick snipping.

And then he won't stand still for an "after" picture.

Unless you put a bugle in his hands.

Strawberries that Alexe buys from the Amish in large quantities for the store, sometimes pitching in on the picking process when they haven't picked enough to meet the BTC's needs by the time Alexe gets to their farm in the early morning.  Strawberries straight out of the field taste.  I'll leave that as a complete sentence, and let the implied criticism of store-shipped fruit stand.

I liked how Alexe's desk design turned out, so...

1) We've wanted a kitchen island, but one we can move out of the way whenever we want.  Thus the casters.
2) I have one room left full of old wood I saved during all our projects, what remains after re-using much of it for all sorts of other projects.  Using the old wood is both beautiful, and taps into the strong joy I feel whenever I use things up and they're gone.  Plus very soon I'll have another room emptied out. 
3) I like projects, and am fending off the drive to start another big one with these little ones.

There are challenges to using this beautiful old wood. It is very hard, often brittle, and almost never straight.  This tabletop is forcing lots of individual boards into a cohesive whole, after much straightening of edges, clamping, re-clamping, doweling and gluing together.  That top was sanded more than a little bit by this time.

The next project is on the right there, clamped and drying, pre any surface sanding.  I think I'm going to turn that into a low little table, 37" by 15" or so, 21" high.  (It will make a perfect chess table for my office.) The table top is 5/4", made from one long board I found under the roof on the fourth floor of the building. It is amazing how dense and heavy this particular board is, feels like oak and yet it's just old pine from a time before we built with fast-growing sap-wood trees.

After a long session with a belt sander, running a router around the outer edge, and hand sanding.  The tung oil (pure, no varnish-cocktails added) I was waiting on just arrived, and I'm looking forward to seeing how that works with this wood.  

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