Sunday, April 29, 2012

Woodworking interlude

Before tung oil application:

After the first coat. 

I'm thinking an oval-ish coffee-type table for the next project, we'll see.

Child interlude to the woodworking interlude.  They're basically of a weight now.


ecmkno1 said...

Really nice table,the oil you used was a good choice.Greta to see you include the family,we could use more of that and family men like you.That table looks pretty simple in design,was it a scratch build from plans in your head or did you use woodworking plans for your build.Would like to see that coffee table too.

smartinof4steve said...

Thank you fo the kind words. This is all tinkering, making decisions as I go, enjoying taking the time to wait until I'm inspired by different materials I have lying around.

I just put the coffee table up.