Tuesday, February 16, 2016

January 2016, Part 3

The month ended with a few major mechanical break downs.  I tried to have these taken care of professionally, but no shop in town would touch the truck, and the dealership quoted me $1,500.  Because we didn't know what was wrong with the tractor I have no idea what that would have cost.

So the kids had to amuse themselves, which they seemed to do quite well...

And I first took the top half of the engine off the Tundra...

To get to the starter, which needed replacing.  We also ended up needing new o-rings for the injectors, but all in all the parts for the job, including the new starter, were under $100, so I felt good about those 4 hours.

The tractor, on the other hand, was easily 8 hours of breaking down the entire hydraulic system, and disassembling one of the hydraulic valves that John Deere provides no diagrams on, and doesn't sell any internal parts for. (They sell the new valve, $900.)  She's back up and running.

We sent a few pigs off to the butcher.  For comparison, Olive the pooch sitting next to the trailer, is easily 70 lbs.

Alexe is trying her hand at planting on a much larger scale in a friend's hoop house.  We spent a little time getting her familiar with the roto-tiller, and then she was off and running.

I went on a puzzle bender.  Cold nights, slightly obsessive personality, it was fun. The kids seemed to enjoy it.  Alexe less so.

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Loved catching up via these pics--- How was the English puzzle to do?