Saturday, September 8, 2012

BM: Art part II

This structure was made out of steel.

Sitting in the upper section, looking up.

Every part of this, from the design, to the cut steel, to the welds was beautiful.

It does not look tall from the ground, but climbing out of the upper section and down the very narrow ladder gave a new appreciation for the delicate, yet strong, design.

A giant scrabble game.

 A giant pin-cushion impression table.

These are wind-up copper wings.  They worked, beautifully.

I didn't see the marching bands in action, but I looked over a few of the instruments, mostly to see how they had installed the gas lines to make them shoot fire out of the bells while they marched along.

A-maze-ing.  This was a full size maze that I spent over half an hour inside trying to find my way out.  Having made it through successfully, I don't know that I could do it more quickly on a second attempt.  

A bar in the very far back sections of the playa.

Near the perimeter fence, this was a movie house, with three shows a day.

An art and lecture dome.  When I walked through, there was a very prestigious, and painfully boring speaker droning on about the challenges of making his last documentary.

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