Saturday, September 8, 2012

BM: Time with my best friend.

Nicholas is my oldest and best friend that I'm not married to.

I was excited about going to BM, but equally excited about spending a solid week with this friend who over the past 10 years I've seen for weddings, christenings, birthdays, races, short visits on the front or tail end of business trips, but never for more than 48 hours.

I made these matching tie dye shirts for us.  Nicholas indulged me and wore his for the first day.  They were a hit with almost everyone, the exception starting to rant about sexual orientation and the grateful dead until I mentioned I had made them with my kids.  To his credit he immediately shifted to positive gear.

Waiting in line at the fornt gate of BM to be searched for stowaways and drugs.

The dome complete, gearing up for our first night of exploring.

Our first morning at Center Camp.  I was psyched to find they served hot chocolate, and someone had printed a BRC (black rock city) newspaper that morning.

First full day.  We're so sparkly and clean!

Trampolining. Between the constant bicycle riding, walking, trampolining, bowling, golfing (putt putt), volleyball, running after art cars, dancing, etc. we managed to put our bodies through the ringer.

Nicholas had designs on getting a shave and a haircut at one of the several impromptu barber shops in the city.  It never happened, and instead he used his moppy-top to collect sand and dust.


The pickle-juice bar.  Nothing in those drinks but pickle juice.

Sitting inside a piece of art out on the playa, waiting for a dust storm to blow through.  It never did.

Someone brought out the nose, and Nicholas took it to the next level.

I have two pictures from our day in Vegas before heading our separate ways.  The other one is much better, but Nicholas insisted I not use it.  So here he is, my best friend, my brother, the beer brewing, pie making, cartoon producing, teddy bear of a man I am lucky enough to share things like this with.

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