Saturday, September 8, 2012

BM: Art part III

I'm not sure what this stage was used for, there were so many throughout the city. 

In the wine bistro (under the tent on the right) there was a foosball table that had been retrofit with barbi-players.

A grown-up jungle gym.

A picnic set up in a field of mushrooms.  

These walls serve as a wind and sound block.

Iside is a forrest of these white streamers, over a large padded floor.  It was a very relaxing place to lie down, so much so that I never saw an open spot.  Popular with the couples...

We went to a Ted talk, which had its interesting moments, but I was distracted by the musical instrument behind the speakers. I came back the next morning to meet the person setting it up.  He turned out to be a young man, early 20s, named Nate, who works in a workshop in the Bronx.  The shaped metal that forms the bells or gongs are made somewhere in South America, and he makes the striking mechanisms.  They were rigged up to a computer that was playing pre-programmed music.  

(The gentleman onstage is giving a talk about the US healthcare system.)

I brought our giant bell down here from Vermont with hopes of setting it up in town to toll the hours.  I then looked up the cost of bell-ringing mechanisms, and found they run easily over $500.  I was trying to figure out how to build my own before leaving for BM, and running into this young man, who gave me a crash course on how to use pull-solenoids, and why they're better than push solenoids for this application, was fortuitous.

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