Saturday, September 8, 2012

BM: Art, part IV, Performance

The fixed art was easier to photograph.  Everywhere you looked, in costumes, dance, gymnastics, yoga, meditation, there were people showing their art through motion, or lack of motion.  

There were some incredible dancers:


Fire dancers:

The center camp tent had a large open area in the middle, open to the sky, that was always full of people doing couples-dances, couples-yoga, crazy hula-hooping, the dancing with balls and sticks, etc.

The center of the city, the Burning Man building and effigy, is connected to the 3/6/9 o'clock points of the city by roadways flanked with lamp posts.  Each evening lamps are hung on these posts by the lamplighters, who solemnly make the long trek carrying the lit lamps from center camp.

The lamplighters are volunteers, and anyone is welcome to sign up for a shift.

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