Sunday, September 30, 2012


There are some exciting things brewing, but while we work on making those happen, life patters on.

Walking to the second-to-last farmer's market last Saturday:

A relaxing afternoon in the backyard last Sunday, where we continued the fall cleaning and prepping by burning the big pile of pecan tree limbs that have been falling on the chicken house throughout the summer.

I can't remember what these things are called, lilies of some sort.  

Annaliese and I had a lazy half hour before school one morning, while Alexe and Caspian were on a produce run.  She commandeered my phone and took many pictures and videos.

Self portrait.

Caspian and I have boat loads of boy time throughout the week while Annaliese is at school.  This morning he organized a picnic in the hallway for us, maybe 40 minutes after his third breakfast.  The kid is hungry all the time.

She's been a great house...

Caspian waiting patiently while I got a haircut.

The kids are fighting quite a bit lately, and during one of their pushing matches caspian fell down and scratched up his leg.  He's been taking very good care of the injury, and this particular morning managed to color coordinate the bandaids.  

Play date with the little girl who lives across the street.  She walked over with a bucket full of kittens.

So pleased that my good friend has moved in above the BTC, and had this put on his office door!

Another tenant expanded her lease to include all three offices across the front of the building, so I put this tub in one of the back bathrooms for her.

One of the new young ladies at the store, also pulling favorite-babysitter duties.  

Soccer.  This is one of the few pictures I have of Caspian on his feet during the game. He's been either sticking to his coach's leg, or lying on his back in the middle of the field.  

Friday morning Caspian and I toodled up to Memphis, with a stop at the Mahindra dealership in Batesville, to pick up a.Eliza.

Her flight was delayed, so we did some exploring.

And running.

She arrived forty minutes late, and Caspian vaulted into her arms, and didn't really leave them all weekend.  We stopped for some terrible food, and worse service, at a Steak and Shake, and then got home in time for the whirlwind weekend activities of Water Valley.

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