Tuesday, February 16, 2016

January 2016, Part 2


The goats have been busy.  Not only with escaping through my beautiful fences like they're not even there, but with their other goat-ly activities.  These are the boys from the first generation born on the farm.

These are two more boys, born in the second generation.  Their mother went missing one night, and I spent hours walking the fields with a flashlight looking for her.  She turned up the next day alone, and no longer pregnant, and I spent more hours hunting for the babies.  Found them, based on a single noise they made in response to my call, 100 yards into a thicket on the wrong side of our fences.

Few things cuter than baby goats.  My family is one of them.

After school at the drug store.

Family movie night.  Some bozo paused the movie to snap a picture.

A boy an his pussy cat.

Testing out some furniture.

Another mama disappeared, but I found her quickly. The only mother not to have twins so far.

All the animals took turns sniffing out the newest addition to the farm.

We woke up the next morning to this snaggle-toothed kiddo in our bed.  She started reading us Robert Frost poems.

We went looking for her brother and found him in the barn with the newest baby goats.  Alexe and I might have been overcome by our charmed life.

We named this one Alaska.  The next week I sold all but the youngest male goat.  Our girls need a break.

It looks like our kids have successfully learned that everyone is welcome to pursue any trade or hobby.  That being said, I laughed the first time I saw my son needle-pointing a giant cross.

Annaliese woke up in another can-do mood and put on her overalls and boots, filled the wood box...

Cooked herself some scrambled eggs...

And then made herself a cell phone.

There was a snow day, with almost no snow on the ground, so Caspian went to work with Alexe, and Annliese accompanied to a board meeting for BCCA. She sketched the meeting for a while, had lunch by herself, and then joined us at the big table.  

He seemed to know exactly what he was doing before his sister decided to help.

Day two after the snow storm.  He wasn't all that much bigger to start with.

A cold Saturday afternoon, we took a family trip to Oxford to go swimming on campus, followed by pizza at our favorite Oxford spot.

A girl and her dog(s).  

I imagine this was mid run-around-tickle-game.

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