Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Thanksgiving 2015

A pie per person per holiday may be my favorite tradition we keep as a family.

The meal was pretty rocking this year as well.

It's not often you get sunny and 70s on Thanksgiving, so we made the best use of it and relocated to the front yard.  Friends and neighbors joined us for the day.

We took a walk through the woods earlier in the day, and the kids found this cat and brought her home for the afternoon.  She eventually found her way back to her house.

Our little slice of paradise.

Always nice to share it. With friends, dogs, and the random rooster.

After dark this game came out.  Whipped cream and anxiety.

Full bellies and a warm bed.  

The next morning the BTC put on its Christmas cheer, with all hands helping.

Yes, they're a pain in the butt to load, bring to the house, unload, trim, load up again, bring to the store, unload, set up, sell, and then load again on the customer's vehicle roof, (or deliver as Alexe does for those special folks who need help,) but they sure make downtown look nice.

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