Tuesday, February 16, 2016

November 2015

The Fall was lovely, mixing cool weather with oddly warm respites from the steady descent into winter.  Plenty of reasons to start fires and get into warm jammies.

Or to hang out in the sun room in jammies.

Or to bundle up and head out on the farm for a walk.  With the menagerie.

Or to take a hot bath.  Possibly with a sibling you have mixed feelings for.

Or to head into the woods and burn some brush piles with your furry pals.

Or to observe the boys lighting brush piles on fire.

This back section of the farm used to be un-walkable thicket.  

After-school Christmas decoration workshop at the quilt and fabric store.

Feed on its way to the barn.

Caspian and I took a fishing trip to the Grenada dam.  

He loves to fish, and is a good sport even when I'm present and scaring all the fish away.  (Once again the 20+ folks fishing at the spillway caught nothing from the moment we arrived.  The argument for coincidence keeps getting thinner.)

Eventually fishing was set aside for snacks and a little climbing.

But on the way home we pulled over and walked out onto the lake bed for one last go.  The walk was fun.

The first of many times we handled Alexe's Christmas tree inventory.  Alexe's passions make the BTC, and downtown Water Valley, so much more than it would be otherwise.  Yes, she relies heavily on the support and efforts of others, and doesn't always remember to ask for help in advance, but the result of these infernal tree escapades each year is a sidewalk covered in Christmas spirit, never mind the many parlors that are filled with the sweet smells and gently falling needles on Christmas morning.

After loading these trees up, we rewarded ourselves with a trip to the movie theater.  It was one of the more humorous parking jobs I've done.

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