Saturday, July 21, 2012

BG day 5

With one morning left to spend with the extended family, and future opportunities like this reasonably a year away, we had big plans to pack a pancake breakfast at the Nicault cabin, a swimming fest at the beach, and packing/prepping to leave all into a handful of hours before our planned departure time of around noon.

The kids got in a quick puzzle doing with a.Judy (or "her" as Caspian constantly referred to a.Judy when he wanted to go with, be picked up by, or know where she went, and our kind host for the duration of our stay.)  

A print I found in a coffee table book during the pancake breakfast.  A depiction of a silver mine.  The print style is cool, and the subject matter taps into my ongoing amazement with the lengths people have gone to for shiny rocks.

We ate in shifts, with u.Laurent churning out the blueberry pancakes.

Caspian may or may not have driven us back around the lake.

The clan gathered at the beach, with almost everyone in the water, u.Ted catching fish a few boat lengths away.  

Alexe and I snuck away to pack everything up, and bring the truck down to the boathouse ready to go, part of the plan to get the kids loaded and whisked away with minimal distress.

The clan was very helpful, and we all walked back to the truck together.

Caspian caught a ride on a.Eliza.

Annaliese and Celeste held hands the whole way, and were sitting together in the back seat of the red car trading clothes again before we found her and broke the news that we were heading up to Maine and needed to say our goodbyes.

Hugs all around, no tears as we explained we would be seeing everyone again soon, (in an annual sense,) and the kids hopped into their seats and started asking about seeing a.Kitty at her house in Cape Elizabeth, our next destination.

Two miles down the road...

Looking forward to the next time the clan assembles.  It's always a good time.

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