Sunday, July 15, 2012

Last few days in July at the Cabin

With a short visit to BG, and the rest of July scheduled for Cape Elizabeth, this is a smattering of pictures from our last few days at the cabin with Alexe.  She's with us until the 24th, flying home from Portland, and we'll see her in August when I make the drive home with the kids.

These are in no particular order.

Annaliese preparing breakfast for everyone on the porch.  The bowls have a combination of tortilla chips and raisin bran in them.   

After finishing the concrete pours to line the fountain, we filled it up for the first time to check for leaks.  There were two, both at seams where two different pours, (there were four total, with our one piece of plexiglass to use as a form,) left a seam.  We drained, applied generous amounts of silicone, and refilled.  It took another day for an inspiration for the water delivery method, I'll throw that together when we get back in a couple weeks and show how it turns out.

Alexe is still doing the books, payroll, promotion, etc. for the store from here.  We miss her when she's working.

Caspian collecting golf balls.

We had a nice visit form the grandparents.  This is from the goodbyes, after the visit, when we walked them all up the hill to where they parked their car.

A failed attempt by me to read by the pond.

Alexe is moving young trees around, putting some saplings around the pond.  One of her favorite things to do.  The kids tagged along.

Mes Parents.

Annaliese practicing her golf swing.  I think she needs a field hockey stick, it would be a better fit for her swinging style.

Caspian grabbing a club and running to join the game.

It's been RIGHT having Alexe with us in the woods.  Our family is a unit, functions best as a unit, and while we'll (Annaliese/Caspian/me) be coming back to the cabin for a little while in early August, our family time wrapped as we left with Alexe for the second half of her visit in PA and ME.

We'll have to see what we can swing next summer.

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