Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hermit Island Part II

After a night of sleeping to the bullfrogs next door, and the sound of the surf not too far beyond that, we woke up and made bacon with eggs.  

Then it was back to the beach, where we went to watch the tide change without suits, being early in the morning.  Mistake.  After getting their clothes wet, and taking them off, we went back to the campsite to get our swim suits, and it was back for more ocean fun.

Uncle William made the same mistake, but the kids weren't inclined to give him a break to go change.

When Caspian sets his mind to something...

He doesn't give up easily.

Look at all those smiles.

If I'm remembering right, this is still close to 8 am.

Children were buried...

Crabs were caught...

And examined.

I could put a full post up here dedicated to Caspian and his uncle William.  (Imagine "William" said very clearly, slowly, in a Caspian voice, the way he says it when he's asking William to come play.)  I think it's fair to say these two boys love each other.

This whole summer is just about the right speed for this little girl.  Nothing but adventures and parties, back to back.

A tasty pot-luck lunch was shared by all.  Grandmaman's bread, with Natalie's nutella, seemed to take the spotlight.  Natalie has a way of appearing in most photos.

Uncle William took the kids to the beach for the afternoon, and I got to take an island-length hike with my sisters.

Caitlin says she doesn't like my beard.  

These two girls bicker a lot, but they're tight in a way I'm very glad for.

Lovely beach on the far side of the island, Natalie's noggin.

Lobstahs!  Uncle William cooked these over the campfire in seawater.  He seemed to do a lot of cooking for the rest of us. 

Auntie Caitlin brought sparklers!

We had the Saturday night dinner at our campsite so the party could continue, the kids could go to sleep, and I could stay up and chat with folks instead of sit near the kids alone while they slept.  Very considerate of everyone, and the kids passed out in the tent surrounded by the rest of us just outside chatting away.

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