Monday, July 9, 2012

Showing Alexe the ropes.

We have so much to show Alexe at the cabin, all the things we've done, all the games we've made up, all the routines.  First is the morning snuggle and book reading time. Check.

A little family golfing.  I mentioned a desire to smack some golf balls around, and on the next visit to my parents' house there was a set of golf clubs and a bucket of balls waiting.  None of us are exactly gifted at this "sport".

We showed Alexe the pond, and couldn't convince her to jump in. 

We went to the Pierce grocery store, a coop in Shrewsbury that has been open 3 years.  It's a nice store, fairly priced, with an interesting and tasty selection set in an old building in the middle of the North intersection of town.  The kids and I have been getting our tasty-essentials here all summer. 

We had creamsicles on the porch. 

This old school building is for sale in Shrewsbury, 125k firm on an acre.  Cute, not sure what anyone would do with it.  We scouted it out, peaked in the windows, and decided it wasn't the next kagan&alexe project.  All of this was a fun evening of wandering the little community, waiting for c.Nick and his lady friend to arrive.  They were three hours late, but made it up from Providence without getting lost.

c.Nick and Miss Jen!  Two RISD students getting out in the woods for some living.  (Effort was made to drop the "real" qualifier from that last sentence.)

c.Nick is one of our favorite people.  (quirky favorites?)  We got to know him when he stayed with us in MS for a few months, and have enjoyed every opportunity to see him since.  He is constantly on the move, traveling the world, having the kind of adventures that make me jealous, (abandoned building exploration in Venice, Rome, Russia, China, sometimes after hours when he's snuck in.)   

With a year left on his architecture masters, and a kindred drive to find something interesting and contributing to apply himself to, we have lots to talk about.  Adult conversations are a little harder to come by with kids, but we try.

He's also a great god-papa to Caspian, and cousin-uncle to Annaliese.

He took them for a trip to Abize for a night of clubbing late Tuesday night.  The plane ride was hilarious.

That box came from the new futon couch I bought for the cabin porch.  I hate air mattresses, and Alexe brings out the spend-y in me.  I just wish I had bought this a month ago. 

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