Friday, July 27, 2012

Uncle William!

The kids have been receiving a steady supply of feirie presents each morning.  Last week they received whoopie cushions.  This morning they received fart-goop, or "goop that toots".  The feiries have an interesting sense of humor.

u.William and a.Natalie helped expand the creative options of play for the tootie-goop.

After a leisurely break, which I got to snooze through, complete with organic milk from u.Williams farm, driven in the night before, we all headed out to the barn to take care of the horses.

William is trying to corale Chipper back to the barn, I'm not sure what Natalie is doing.

This is a picture of Caspian's handsome little face.

The swing, and the uncle and aunt, made for very happy kids while I cleaned the stalls.

Together again!

Natalie and I headed upstairs to give her another chance to beat me at ping pong, u.William kept swinging with the kids downstairs.

Melts your heart a little, no?

a.Natalie dreaming of a barn of her own.  Annaliese, giving the horses a little more hay.

Annaliese is waiting for her turn to swing on u.Willaim's lap.  Caspian is not ready to give him up.

And does not take the end of his turn well. Even pouting he's adorable.

Natalie playing ping pong.  At least how she spent the majority of her ping pong playing time.

After lunch, the kids curled up with u.William for cuddle time and books.  This was something they specifically requested, by that label.

Moments later.  Notice, the kids do not need a pink blanket, or a pacifier; one u.William does just fine.

Meanwhile Natalie tried Othello again in her quest to win SOMETHING!

This is her preventing me from taking a picture of another epic trouncing.

After cuddling and reading to them until they all gently slid into sleep, this is how the kids, (slightly urged on by a.Natalie,) re-payed the kindness.  It was not a nice wake up call.

We grabbed the pooches, the kids, and headed out for a walk to the beach.

We took the long route to Trundy's Point.  The rickshaw went everywhere without a problem, and seemed to amuse everyone we passed.

Annaliese warming up with u.William.

The pooches had a great time.

Just look at that face.  Caspian's happy too.

We headed back, and a.Natalie, who had pulled the rickshaw the whole way there, proceeded to pull every permutation of u.William/Annaliese/Caspian, all the way back, most of it up hill.

This was a particularly steep bit, note the garde relative to the house.

It was impressive.

The crew lounging in the yard while I whipped together a little something for dinner.

After a nice meal and a nice bath, the kids suited up in their pjs, ready for story time with the aunt and uncle.  On the way they found some of u.Randall's chapeaus:

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