Sunday, July 29, 2012

Farewell to a.Natalie and u.William

u.William and a.Natalie had to boogie by noon on Friday.  They ended up getting away some time after 3.

There was a lovely morning lounging in the Mead Hall, where the kids took turns telling stories and snuggling with their aunt and uncle.

A particularly intense part of Annaliese's story.

The pooches and kids have bonded a little bit.

We took a walk to the beach at low tide, and found a few crabs.  

Then we found a few more little crabs.

Then it turned into a crab-finding frenzy, where a closed tide pool was designated as the holding pen, Natalie and I flipped over rocks and found crabs, the kids ran from us to the tide pool holding pen to deposit them, and William played aquarium-keeper.

My beautiful, and complexly personality-ed, little sister.

The kids went for their nap after 3, and Natalie and William rolled out.  At 5:30 I woke the kids up, thinking they would never go to sleep that night, and we headed out for an evening of yard-play.  While I mowed the courtyards with a push mower, and the rest of the property with the rider, (Honda Harmony riding mowers are very nice, not sure why Honda left the riding mower market,) the kids resumed picking up sticks that have been blown down all around the property.

These kids love to be productive.  I think on both the nature and nurture side, Alexe and I can feel good about contributing to that.

Caspian dove right in, running all over the yard and back to the garden cart.

Not sure why this picture came out with this gray-washed-out coloring, it was snapped with the same iphone as everything else this summer.

Annaliese, on the other hand, uses her brain and smarts (as she tells me) and brings the cart to where the sticks are.

Either way, they did a great job.

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