Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kagan and Alexe get a date night!

Saturday morning, after seeing c.u.Nick and Jen off, we packed the kids up and headed over to my parents house for a second sleepover.  

We didn't stay long, enough time to drop the kids and their things, and then head out for some time with my wife and nobody else.

Both my parents were excited to have the kids back.  Alexe snapped a few nice photos of me and my papa.

The next series are again stolen from my mother's camera, but they show a couple of kids (and grandparents) having a great time.

They went to an agricultural fair.

This may look familiar, Caspian just can't keep up with his partying sister. 


Alexe and I jetted back to the woods for a day of lounging, eating, and snoozing.  With a stop at a garden center to make Alexe happy, and remind her that everything is more expensive in the North.  (I was looking at fish for the pond, $28 for a koi, one, seemed a bit high.)

Yep, that's my date.

The rest of the date was photo free.  We hiked our land a bit, took a long nap, woke up peckish, and drove into Rutland for a surprisingly good sushi dinner.  The quiet time with my best friend was great.

We went to get the kids in the early afternoon on Sunday.  They were asleep when we arrived, but the pictures show a very active morning and afternoon.

We whisked the kids away for their first ever movie in a theater on Sunday afternoon, with plans to come back to my parent's house for dinner.  Ever since seeing the preview for Brave, we though that would be a fun one to use as their first time in front of a big screen.  

We headed into Springfield, to the old Ellis Theater, which burned a few years ago, and has since been completely renovated.  The ceilings were pretty cool, and the whole place was much cleaner than I remember it.  Glad the folks who are responsible put the time and money into this building, regardless of whether Springfield warrants the investment.  I'm sure insurance money played a part.  

The kids really enjoyed the popcorn, and the first 15 minutes of the film, which were by far the best.  Then the flick went dark, with scary witches and big dark bears, which completely drowned out the fun  comedic characters that were so well developed in those first 15 minutes.  

Annaliese was so upset by the mother's being turned into a bear, let alone the rest of the scary parts, that she cried in my lap, or Alexe's lap, in between being removed from the theater, and then wanting to go back in.  After the movie they both said they didn't like it.  An hour later they had changed their minds, but not the family-movie-experience we had hoped for. 

We had a nice dinner with the grandparents and u.Harry, trundled back to the cabin, and went to bed.  With the exception of the movie, everyone had a great weekend.

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