Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cape Elizabeth

We arrived at Phantom Farm in Cape Elizabeth, greeted by c.Ginny (Virginia) and settled right in.  a.Kitty and u.Randall are trek-ing through the Scottish highlands for the next two weeks, so we are going to hold down the fort, and enjoy the surrounding Portland areas.

We were up the next morning early with c.Ginny learning the rounds.  With a pair of miniature horses, 4 chickens, two dogs, one of them an energetic hound type, the other a very large Bernese Mountain dog, the little farm takes a fair amount of animal attention.  (Each of these animals is treated very well, with a high level of cleanliness and pampering that takes some learning.) Paired with immaculate gardens and grounds, keeping Phantom Farm in its beautiful glory takes effort, and knowhow. Kudos to a.Kitty, who makes it look effortless.

The horses, Charlie and Spike, live here: 

The chickens, I believe they don't have names, live int he white house on the left.  Speaking of, word from our house sitter in MS is that our rooster is the last chicken standing at this point.  We'll have to rebuild that flock when we get home.

He's kind of a farm boy...

A ritual that a.Kitty started last August during our visit was a feirie (my preferred spelling) theme.  There is a feirie night light int heir room, and a feirie house in the back yard, and each morning in the play room each child finds a feirie house with a present.  Yes, feirie presents every morning.

It's the first thing the kids mention each morning.  They have to wait until the animals are taken care of and their breakfast is finished, then they're racing to the play room.  Good luck if you've, say, forgotten to put the feirie presents in the feirie houses before they arrive.  (In the massive preparation a.Kitty went through to make our visit as pampered-vacation as possible, there is a box of feirie presents, pre-wrapped, labelled, with a key to tell me what each present has in it.)

Warming up to Jack, the Bernese.

Getting through the sensory overload of NEW TOYS!

A walk to the ocean with the pooches.  Caspian hitching a ride from c.Ginny.

Trundy's Point, and the cove right next to it, are a beautiful, quiet spot a short walk from where we're staying.  

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