Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Alexe's not so perfect Mother's Day

Alexe had to cover a cooking shift at the BTC on Saturday.  She does not like running the kitchen, and had a rough go of it.  We picked her up in the afternoon, brought her home for a bath, re-bandaging of her wounds, a family walk, and promised her that she wouldn't have to do anything but rest until the end of Mother's Day (Sunday).

The walk that evening.  This storm shelter is on a back street behind our house.  We've spent a few late-night-mid-storm hours in it over the past few years.

Sunday morning, at 7 am, Alexe's phone rang and an employee was sick.  She dragged herself out of bed, suited up, and headed back to the BTC.

We (the kids and I) were at a loss; our brunch-in-bed plans were thrown out, and we switched over to a carrot cake to be ready and waiting when Alexe came home at 2:30.  We started with local small carrots, fresh pineapple, and maple-yogurt for the kids.

A tasty cake recipe, but veeery involved.

Cream cheese frosting.

We did our best to make Alexe's day better after she came home.  True to form, Alexe was not only robbed of a relaxing day off; she spent most of it chastising herself for her family/work balance.

Regardless of Alexe's opinions, we hit the jackpot with this little lady.

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you are the nicest husband, the best blogger, and the most latently talented fisherman IN THE WORLD.