Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My boy, worms, and no damn fish

After a day of fishing at Grenada Lake with my good friend, surrounded by jumping fish, and not getting a single bite on my hook, I decided to try again.  At this point my inability to catch fish in this state has started to feel like a challenge.

It was a boy day, so Caspian and I gathered our gear, snacks, and worms, and set out.  Caspian was very proud of our worm-catch, fresh from the mulch pile next to the rabbit house.

Beautiful scenery en-route.

The intersection of the Yocona and O'Tuck rivers.

The fish were jumping.  They ate plenty of worms off our hook, somehow without ever taking the hook.  

Resulting in another awesome outing, in a stunning landscape, with great company, (that boy chatters non-stop when he has me to himself,) and no fish.

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