Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Best morning

Caspian and I spent the whole morning playing together.

We had a breakfast of cheerios with raisins, my first, his second. 

Then on to a long game of hide and seek, with custom cheating rules in place. (If the searcher says, "quack quack" the hide-er has to do the same. Think duck-echo-location.)  We exhausted all the hiding places in the house, and repeated a number of them.  Caspian is especially fond of hiding under his bed.

We made play dough together, with Caspian pouring and stirring everything, with assistance only for the final mixing near the end of the cook cycle.

What's missing from this picture is me.  This "train" Caspian made had to be longer than daddy, so I was installed as a measuring stick next to it.

Towers were made, and destroyed.

We cuddled on the couch and looked in cook books for dinner ideas, wrestled and chased each other, gave elephant rides, (easier than horse rides, no knees,) and generally did nothing that would distract from focusing on this adorable little chatter box who rarely gets the spotlight all to himself.

It. Was. Awesome.

We ran down to the store for lunch and baking supplies at 11:30, the cookbook browsing planted all sorts of ideas, and he made not a peep of protest when it was time to head home for lunch and nap time.

Annaliese came with us, many peeps later, and they are both snoozing a much needed snooze.  I think I'll follow suit.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful boy!!!!