Monday, May 7, 2012

Gallery opening

Last Friday night there were two gallery openings on Main Street.  Yalo Studio had a great exhibition of Derek Hess' work; google him, he's been in the Louvre.  This show was of his fish/bomber hybrids, very cool artwork.  I didn't take any pictures inside Yalo for two reasons: first both Yalo and Hess have nice websites of their own, second the kids were pretty horrible in the crowded space.    

The second opening was above the BTC, artwork by the young lady who lives in the apartment upstairs with her fiance.  Her last name is Moore, by the by.

The kids were wonderful and excited during the getting bathed and dressed for the art-parties.  They quickly melted down after arriving.  Luckily we're two blocks from everything, so it was a quick trip home to bed.

The artist is in white.  She is also Annaliese and Caspian's french tutor.

I'm putting these up here to highlight the art and the space, but also because I am constantly tickled by the life that is now packing this building.  All throughout the activities and parties of this weekend, Alexe and I would overhear the BTC used as a reference by friends and strangers.  It's the setting for other people's stories, the source of good food and tasty first experiences, a place that has already grown beyond both Alexe and me.  Everyone has adopted their own sense of ownership, it's part of the life here, and the source of much of it.

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