Thursday, May 3, 2012

Coffee Table?

This is where we started, heart pine boards that were part of a wall I removed during renovations of the second floor of the BTC building. The same boards I used for Alexe's desk, true 1", surprisingly heavy for pine. You can see I'm working with random wood lengths as the scrap room thins out; on a whim I decided to try for an oval with what I had left of these boards. 

This oval could not have been more perfectly suited to that layout of boards.  The curve was 1/16th of an inch from the edge at several points where two boards met.  Cut free hand, so under scrutiny the curves have character.

Edge rounded with a router, top and bottom, surface sanded.

Legs are tapered on one side, made from solid floor joist timber, again heart pine.  I seriously considered using the pained side of the boards, left untouched, as the top of the table.  My love affair with tung oil made the call for me.  Rather than doweling the legs to this table they are glued and screwed from below to leave a clean surface.  Missing from this picture are the tapered supports I glued and screwed out to the narrow edges to support those last 8 inches of the lip.  


Post-tung. Legs will be oiled as well.

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