Sunday, May 20, 2012

Catch Up

This is the kitchen counter for the Vermont cabin.  Hard to explain what I have in mind, just think mounted on the left to the wall, on the right by a cool stainless counter bracket, galvanized tub-sink mounted on the top, draining through a gray water system, with a tap coming through the cabin wall above.

Amos Henry turned 5 and his parents threw him a party.  A catch up time with friends.  Annaliese with her buddy Billy.  No, that pose doesn't worry me AT ALL!

A pinata.  (I don't know the accent short cuts on this mac, something to look into another time.)

Happy boy.

Visiting Alexe at the BTC.  Why did Annaliese have her sleeping bag? At some point she brought it downstairs from her princess castle in my office and stashed it in her playhouse in the store.

We turned one of Alexe's produce runs to the Amish into a family trip.

These folks run a tight operation.  Everything is done big, well, and fast.

One of the most colorful members of our circle is about to move north. The Space Law department at Ole Miss that he was teaching in has been cut, so he's headed to Rutgers to expand his area of expertise into a slightly larger field.  When he first moved here a few years ago, he bought one of the oldest properties in the county, and started the long up-hill slog to bring it into live-able condition.  This is a place that Alexe and I looked at when we first moved to MS, and I passed it up as too much work.  PJ both took it on, and lived in it for the last 3 years, half the time while it was open to the elements.  

Without going into details about what this decision has cost the poor fellow since then, he christened the place "Blount's Folly."  This is where it is as of yesterday.  Getting there.

The man knows how to throw a party. The May Day celebration, that's the ship that burned later in the evening.

What I don't have a picture of is PJ's ritual lighting of the fire,  a lighter-fluid-soaked roll of toilet paper  flaming on the end of a stick.

The party started at noon, I didn't swing by until 8-ish.  At that point the party had moved on from the pool, (seen here, the "no sex in the pool" sign still in place,) and the 80ft slip and slide just beyond.  I felt for the leaf springs on this pool...

I didn't know PJ got this painting from one of Yalo Studio's early shows.  For some reason I really liked this piggly-wiggly-homage, but Alexe threatened to stab me if I bought it.  I thought it would look great behind the BTC checkout. 

Great sign in PJ's front hallway.

Another table I whipped together.  This is made entirely from the ceiling boards from the BTC.  When the building was first retro-fit with electricity, two channels of the tongue and groove 6" ceiling boards were removed in parallel lines from the front to the back of the first floor, wires were run, and the boards were hatcheted, (literally,) to make them fit back in place.  When I rewired and replaced the light fixtures, I removed the butchered boards and replaced them with straight-edged pieces.  

Finding the original boards these years later, I trimmed both sides, planed their back-side, (the unpainted side,) joined and glued and tapered and routed, and voila.   

Went with urethane for this one.

As I was leaving my workshop yesterday evening, this is sunlight from the setting sun, coming through the apartment's front door and shining down the hallway.  

Annaliese doing her math work.  

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