Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Evening adventuring with the kids

Miss Madeline has been teaching Annaliese French for a while now, Caspian for the past 2 months.  Along with being an artist, interior designer, baby-sitter, and waitress, she also dances.  (You can see why Annaliese  and Caspian adore her.)

She was in a production of Snow White in Oxford on Monday evening, and after a day of kayaking and fishing away from the family, I took the kids to the show and gave Alexe a quiet evening in.

Annaliese might not have been dancing, but it didn't prevent her from getting dressed up to dance.

We got there right on time.  The seats were long-filled; I sat on the floor, and the kids stood around me mesmerized.

Annaliese was involuntarily dancing along.  'Twas adorable.

Miss Madeline.

A huge production, one of those efforts to get all the students of a dance school, from all ages, on stage long enough to make the parents feel like their tuition money is well spent.  The kids were pretty good for the almost hour long show.  I may have cheated with a string of treats, properly spaced for the bribes to counter their desire to go nuts.

I had not spent any time in Oxford for over a month, and ran into a number of folks I know.  What struck me is how completely unplugged I feel from what I was doing less than 2 months ago.  I have to make a conscious effort to look back and have any sort of emotional reaction to the before.  It makes the future that we're walking into feel completely right.

Driving home in the semi-dark singing songs with a princess and a candy-seller (Caspian's latest "what I'm going to grow up to be") in the back seat... icing on a great day and life.

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