Thursday, May 31, 2012

Still waiting...

So everything is prepped, but I can't leave for Vermont until Monday.  I can't mow until Saturday. (I want to wait until right before the birthday party, and as late as possible, as I don't see the lawn getting mown in my absence.) I can't pack, because it's too hot to leave things in the truck for days before we leave.  

And I've done everything in MS that I want to for now.

I'm making up lists of things to do, just so I can check them off.  Today I harvested 13 rabbits, and Alexe sold most of them to BTC customers.  (That pays for 1/4 of the drive to Vermont!  A pleasant surprise.)

I sold the redundant mercedes wagon to a nice wheat farmer in Washington state.  

I went to the Dollar General across town today and perused all their merchandise.  Just because.  I found little boy underwear, which was on a list somewhere, so that was something.

The kids seem to be enjoying their time.

We set the deli up downstairs, and Caspian helped me paint up some chalkboards.  He became completely absorbed, and painted these things entirely by himself.  I stood back and watched him methodically cover the entire surface, and then go back to touch up and spotty sections.

He came to the town office to pay utility bills, and made himself right at home.

It hasn't been all sunshine and adorable smiles.  He and his sister have been on a stealing spree again. This stash was discovered in their play house at the BTC.

I think I mentioned I'm tapped out on the wood working here, waiting to get started on the Vermont cabin.  Here's the collection of the variations on the glass topped tables.

The last table I made, after finishing in urethane. It may be my favorite.

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Anonymous said...

I wish you could teach me how to make such simply beautiful things (I love that table, too!)! And am so thrilled to see Caspian stepping right along with you; his work on the chalkboard looked pretty good! Happy birthday to my favorite young man (sorry, K. - you're the "old man" now!)....
:-) Auntie J