Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Father daughter day.

I thought we'd try fishing again.  It was a beautiful day, at 9:30 it was already in the mid eighties, and I thought we'd get an hour of fishing in before running back inside.

Annaliese had different ideas.  She went swimming.

That color change in the water is where the silt ends, and it drops off maybe 3 feet.  I spent 2 (two) hours standing about 5 feet beyond that drop off, with her launching from the upper edge, dropping to the bottom, and getting scooped out.  It was the jumping game, with her role changing between turtle and dolphin.

I managed to catch a couple of very small fish, a nice touch to the day.

She was a very happy girl.  Two minutes later she was asleep.

On Saturday I was running the ductwork for my office, the last thing I haven't finished in the building, and something I'd like to wrap up this week so the folks holding the Fiddler's Loft events there over the summer will have decent air conditioning.  Alexe sent me a text message with a picture of the new family member, with a note, "I know you hate surprises, so guess what?"  

I went downstairs to my office and ordered the generator I've been lusting after.  Everyone wins. :)

We're calling him Louie, or Louis, (the Second,) after Alexe's childhood cat of the same coloring and gender.

Cats are fine creatures, interesting, attractive, and often friendly, however, I've never wanted to have one in our family before we had a barn for it to live in, for two reasons: 1) pooping in a box in the house, and 2) they live forever.

Seeing how quickly the little guy has fit into the family, how good the kids are with him, and what a suck up to me he is, I think Alexe made a good executive decision.  

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