Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another woodworking interlude

When I first started dismantling the main street building, there were a series of large overhead lights that were made of boxed tin, rusted light sockets, and these cool, heavy pieces of textured glass, around 1/2 inch thick.  I saved the glass thinking they would made cool table tops some day.  I've got some days now, so this is what I threw together as a prototype.

Simple square shape, with a routed recess for the glass to sit in.  Glued at the corners.

Legs.  I've run out of large dimension heart pine, over 2", that are large enough for tapering.  I tried this out, two pieces of 1", glued at a 90 degree, and blocked in the middle for added strength and additional joining strength to the table top.  I like the pseudo tapering effect I was able to get out of them.

Sanded everything on the upright sander.  I love my Shopsmith, this is one of the many attachments I hadn't had a chance to use up to this point.

Glued, assembled, and screwed.

There will be one final round of sanding, I'm going to taper or bevel the top edge, and then I may or may not finish this with urethane or oil.  I like the raw look on this one.  The table, again all heart pine and this hefty piece of glass, is very solid feeling.  The glass is stamped "Made in Detroit" on the top edge.

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