Tuesday, June 19, 2012


UW and AN stayed overnight, left in the morning after some adventuring at the pond.  

We randomly met an older couple in Rutland at the hot dog stand who invited us to a fiddle festival at their house.  Turned out they live right down the road, so we stopped by.  A big gathering, tents, pot luck, and kids for A and C to play with.  It was the first real connection we've had with the community here.

C coming back from the kid-activities to ask for some juice.

Annaliese winning a foot race.

The cabin, coming along.  The new, much shorter and more direct route to the outhouse.

Before we had the dish-washing set up at the inside sink, cleaning up included two big basins outside, a scrubbing tub and a rinsing tub.  The kids would then take each piece of cleaned kitchen-ware to the porch and set them on a clean towel.  Being our children, the dishes are very well organized on that towel.  They were so proud they requested this picture.

Trim cut, painted, insulation in around the windows, ready to be installed.

A visit to the grandparent's house included an ice cream dessert with raspberries. 

Screen door thrown together with scrap from the window trim project.

Mounted.  I had some handy adjustable spring hinges from the building in one of my tool boxes, they were perfect for mounting on a round log/vertical support.  That screen door was there for less than a day when I went back and covered the lower half, inside and out, with 1/4 inch wire mesh.  It's just not worth worrying about the kids constantly pushing directly on the screen, and we have many visiting pooches.

More shelves for laundry.  It's much easier to keep this organized downstairs rather than having the kids trash the loft each evening before falling asleep.

Trim up, more shelves for the "pantry" corner.  That new heat shield behind the stove is actually a speed limit sign from Springfield...

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