Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A day in reverse.

Blogger uploaded these pictures in reverse, so we'll walk through the day backwards.

We ended it with a final project of putting up the swing.  I hadn't had my gaffs on in a while, so it was a toe-tingling experience getting up those trees.  The 900 pound rope for the swing is far stretchy-er than advertised, so this swing has a weight limit if I don't want to have to adjust the ropes after every user.  Nice thing the kids are of a weight.

The kids loooove their swing, even enough to almost share it.  The turn is now established as enough pushes to get a toe to hit those leaves straight ahead.  Then the ride swings to a stop at its own pace, and the next kid hops on. 

The porch, screened in.  Looking forward to those wood strips aging a bit and blending in.  I had a 100 ft roll of fiberglass screening, plus an 8 ft section for the door.  I had exactly enough, it could not have been closer.  The only scrap was trimmings, which were used to stuff a few holes in the log corner joints.  

A game of rhinoceros on the porch with the tube the screen was wrapped around.  It was a single piece until Solomon had to settle a sharing dispute.

The porch has effectively added 50% again to the active living space of the cabin.  I love setting candles in the adjoining windows and reading on the porch in the evenings.

There's a counter now where that rocker is sitting, it will show up in future pictures.  

After getting the water running smoothly from the stream above the pond, I set about plumbing in the cabin with pex.  This way the water can be unhooked from the cabin system in the winter, with all the cabin plumbing permanently in place.  The beginnings of the outdoor shower being tested by the kids:

Yes, those are pancakes made from scratch.  And yes, that's the big bang theory being watched over breakfast, a treat for me.  I've now finished the season 2 dvds, and have no idea where to get the next season around here.  Anyone around with a copy, I'd love to borrow them.  A very soothing and kid-friendly/engaging show that I also enjoy.  Certainly better than the repeats of Mystery Town.

More chopping on the tree in the yard that I am not allowed to cut up because it's the kid's project.  Every once in a while they ask me to cut a specific limb off, but if I try to do any more I get in trouble.

I looked up while putting up screen and there was my little man.

Then my little girl, who had seen her brother's perch and had to have it for herself.

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