Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The days just keep rolling.

We talk to Alexe every morning, and some days she needs pictures to know we love and miss her.  Those photo shoots can be lots of fun.

Annaliese is very dedicated to her "school work".  This ranges from coloring, doing math problems that I write out for her, filling pages with practices letters and numbers, or copying words out as I spell them or where I have pre-written them down one side of a page.  There will be pictures of this as we go along; she is very proud of her work, and I am proud of her insistence on keeping this up.  (I know I should be driving this, but it's easy to get caught up with the outdoor projects here.)

Dance parties ave continued in the middle of the woods.  As long as Lady Gaga or Katie Perry comes through on pandora, and there are pink dresses, that little girl will dance.  And when she allows him to, that boy will as well.

A little aside: My music taste is what Alexe refers to as similar to a 13 year old girl's.  Fine.  To admit to something a step further, I like Katie Perry.  I like her story, her work ethic, her music, where she's been and how she got where she is.  She's like a baby carrot: fun, spunky, but feels wholesome at the same time.  Slightly relate, 98 PXY out of Rochester was the best radio station, (for this kind of music) between MS and VT.  If you have an iphone, the free app "TuneIn Radio" will pick it up for you.  We've been listening while splitting and stacking firewood here.

That kid has moves that shock me.

Caspian loooves to paint, and takes great pride in his work.  He painted this entire lower trim board, well.

Grandmaman came to visit, hiked in with three backpacks, one full of ice, one full of baby birds she had found and was nursing, and one full of snacks.  The kids are finger-feeding worms and ground beef to these little guys.

A bit of grandmaman snuggle time, then the three of them took off to the Vermont Institute of Natural Science to deliver the baby birds. (VINS has a big bird rehabbing facility.)  They were gone for several hours, in which I had my first alone time at the cabin.  I spent it mostly weed-whacking around the pond, and finishing a few small safety related projects att eh cabin.

The kids came home tuckered out, and slept like logs.

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