Thursday, June 21, 2012

Royal Blue

Alexe keeps our blue house in fresh cut flowers.  They come from her gardens, and half a dozen abandoned houses that she passes on her walks.  (Or drives, there are some in Pontotoc I think that she stops at.  The thing to take away from this, if you see Alexe, she probably has garden sheers somewhere on her person.)

It makes for a nice touch to our kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, living room, porch, basically anywhere Alexe thinks some fresh flowers would make things prettier, which is most anywhere.  I sometimes, (often) take it for granted, and she has to point them out to me.

Anyhow, I looked up at breakfast the other morning, and there was a cup of freshly picked daisies.  Caspian picked a bunch of daisies from the hillside above the cabin, put them in a cup with water, and set them on the table.  Made me smile for so many reasons. 

Dressed and ready for the day.  These two, despite their sibling fights, are a joy to watch as they best-friend it through the summer.

Started putting in a stone bridge/damn at the pond for fun and to raise the water level a foot or so.  The pond is over my head, but I like a little extra buffer for diving.

Behind the kids you can see a pile of grass and mud.  that's not a mud pie, it's a chicken fried mud pie.  That made the ladies in the BTC kitchen proud.  

Moments later Annaliese tumbled backwards into the water, and our fun time at the pond came to an end.  She does not like getting mud on her outfits.

The grandparents and Uncle Harry came to visit for dinner.  The kids ran up the hill to get them some flowers...

The kids kept swapping grandparent-laps for snuggling and tickles.  Still enjoying seeing my kids play with their family.

Notice the kids swapped laps moments earlier.  Uncle Harry spent a while untangling the puppet/creature thing that Auntie Natalie gifted to the kids on her last visit.

Company gone, winding down for the day with a little Mystery Town.  I wanted to start sleeping on the porch, for all the reasons you would want to sleep on a porch surrounded by wind through the trees and birdsong.  It had to wait a day, as the kids fixated on being alone in the loft and made me promise to sleep upstairs for one more night.

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